La SalicorneÎles de la madeleine, Québec

The Islands and the Madelinots
The folks from here
Alphonse Déraspe
« I will take you to visit the fishing port of Grande-Entrée, where I have fished all my life. Come and discover ! »

Nature Hikes

Offer yourself a nature pause. You will be surprised by the beauty of the East Point Reserve, a unique ecosystem in Québec. You will be astonished by the Islands forest and its critical role in the protection of our surroundings. You have a choice of various activities which are proposed below! Discover the Nature of the east end of the Islands with a naturalist guide.

For every Nature Hike, bring:
  • Sun block
  • Bottle of water
  • Comfortable walking shoes
  • Insecticide (if needed)

To Cross the Dunes
The East Point trail that allows you to discover the Islands forest, small but precious to the Madelinots.

The naturalist guide will reveal the secrets of the stunted forest, the marshes, the dunes and the peat bog. For the curious ones, it is possible to taste some of the different herbs that the forest has to offer.

Duration              2 hours / 2 km.
Difficulty              Intermediate
Available             July and August

Regular cost taxes not included (GST / QST)

Adult                               $18
Age 12 and under          FREE1
Package advantage      INCLUDED

1. Must be accompanied by an adult.

Mud bath by the Sea
This activity starts with a 10 to 15 minute rabaska ride to Boudreau.

Now is the time to cover yourself with a natural clay that is found in the cliffs of the Island. You then must let the clay dry on your skin and rince it off in the ocean. For people who are more sensitive and find it a bit chilly, it is possible to do only the clay mask. Your skin will become automatically soft and rejuvenated. It is an activity that everyone will love and it is 100% natural.

Duration                          2 hours
Difficulty                          Easy
Available                         From June to September

Regular cost taxes not included  (GST / QST) 

Adult                                   $30
Under 12 years old1         FREE
Package advantage        


1. Must be accompanied by an adult.

Clam digging

An activity practiced by many Madelinots.

When the tides are low, you go with the guide and start to dig in the sand, where there are holes, to find the small shellfish known as clams. Once the digging is done, you and the guide bring the clams to the Inn to cook and taste them.

Duration                 2 hours
Difficulty                 Easy
Available                From June to September

Regular price taxes not included (GST / QST)

Age 12 and under            FREE1
Package advantage        

1. Must be accompanied by an adult.

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