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Lauréat Déraspe
« I invite you to my Shed to show you how to make a lobster trap. I await your arrival to tell you of my fishing tales! »

Visits and activities

A Taste of Madelinot Flavour

The Islands Tours

Come and discover the beauty of our Islands and enjoy the history with a guide from La Salicorne. A whole day of discoveries. 2 flavors, arts and nature tours that will bring you as far as the historical site of La Grave in Havre-Aubert.


Every Tuesday*, from 9am to 5pm.

On the program: Red cliffs located on the Dune-du-Sud beach, breathtaking scenery on Des Montants Rd., visit of Le Fumoir d’Antan (smokehouse) and sampling at La Fromagerie Pied-de-Vent (cheese factory), lunch ($) and free time on the historical site of La Grave.

Duration :
8 hours
Available :
June to September


Every Friday*, from 9am to 5 pm.

On the program: astonishing view on the Cap-aux-Meules belvedere, the lighthouse of Cap Hérissé, the Etal shop and its local products, lunch at the historical site of La Grave, the rounded hills of Les Demoiselles, the Artisans du Sable shop, visit and sampling at the microbrewery À l’Abri de la Tempête, the Site de la Côte and its famous sculpture and La Méduse glassblowing studio.

Duration :
8 hours                                   
Available : June to September

1. For those with a 3-night package stay that doesn't fit the schedule mentionned above, a Guided Tour will be offered if needed. Contact us.

Regular cost taxes not included (GST / QST)                    

 Adult                              $68
12 years and -              $34

Visit of the Grande-Entrée Wharf
The visit of Québec's largest lobster fishing wharf, which is offically named «The Lobster Capital» accompanied by Alphonse Déraspe, a retired Madelinot fisherman.

You must discover the beauty of this place and learn of its history. Explainations on the fishing from the past to the present, visit a fishing boat, understand the influence of this industry on the village and visit the boutiques (gift shops) located on the wharf.

Duration : 2 hours                       
Available : From June to September

Regular cost before taxes (QST / GST)
Adult :                            
Package advantage : INCLUDED

Visit of Old Harry and Grosse-Ile
Guided tour of the two English speaking communities.

Each of these communities have a particular little church that we must visit, the Holy Trinity and St. Peters by the Seaand visit the Maison du Potier (Pottery house). We also need to take a walk on the Old Harry beach which is known as one of the 5th most beautiful beaches in the world (according to the National Geographic). Not only that, you have a naturalist guide that talks about the history and about the shipwrecks that occured on this part of the Island.

Duration : 2 hours                          
Available : From June to September

Regular cost : Not available separately
Package advantage : INCLUDED

Visit of Pointe-aux-Loups
Visit of the smallest Island of the archipelago, which has approximately 50 houses and about 100 inhabitants.

On the program : walk on the beach, stop at the wharf which is completely different from the one in Grande-Entrée and visit the local boutiques (gift shops).

Duration : 2 hours                              
Available : From June to September

Regular cost : Not available separately
Package advantage : INCLUDED
The Seal Interpretation Center
A guided tour which explains the lifestyle and the food chain of the four types of seals found around the Magdalen Islands.

The second floor is entirely dedicated to the explaination of the seal hunt. To finish this visit in the universe of the seal, there is a short projection called «Ice Haven» where you can see the white coats (baby seals) on the icecakes.

Duration : 45 minutes                               
Available : From June to September

Regular cost  taxes not included
Adult                                                                                     $7.50
Senior                                                                                  $6.75

Student (18 y/o and older, with student card)           $6.75
12-17 y/o                                                                             $4.50
11 y/o and less                                                                   FREE

Package advantage :                                                       INCLUDED

A salty flavour

Old Harry Beach
Discover the flora of East Point while passing through a stunted forest to arrive at the Old Harry beach.

Every participant will be surprised by the vastness of the sand dunes and the beach of this trail.

Duration : 2 hours
Difficulty : Intermediate
Available : July and August

Regular cost before taxes (QST / GST)
                             $15 + txs.
Package advantage : INCLUDED

Seacow path
A nature walk on the magnificant gray-red cliffs of Old Harry.

This trail is to explain what a seacow is, it's history and why they no longer exist.

Duration : 2 hours
Available : July and August

Regular cost before taxes (QST / GST)
 $15 + txs.
Package adavantage : INCLUDED

Sand Castle construction
For all those who have heard about the famous Sand Castle Competitions and would like to construct their own ... here's your chance!

What better than to have a guide who can show you tricks on how to build one and a beautiful Islands beach to construct it on. An entire afternoon to build a sand castle, nothing better to forget your worries and to go back to your childhood.

Duration : 2 hours
Available : July and August

Regular cost :              Not available separately
Package advantage : INCLUDED

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