La SalicorneÎles de la madeleine, Québec

Inn and packages


An exceptional package-stay at La Salicorne, it's the occasion to experience the Islands with the Madelinots.

You will be :

All the packages includes :
  •  Lodging in a comfortable room with Islands atmosphere
  •  Breakfast and supper
  •  A choice of visits, activities and Island soirées
  •  The possiblity to personalize your package stay

An exceptional site with the ocean as the horizon

La Salicorne is well situated at the east end of the Magdalen Islands, in the colorful village of Grande-Entrée. Located on a hill, the setting allows you to see a panoramic view of the ocean from both sides.

An attractive Inn with comfortable rooms

La Salicorne Inn offers 26 rooms decorated with Islands atmosphere. Each room is comfortable and has a private bathroom. The furniture was made by Félix Leblanc, a reputable Madelinot cabinet maker.

** Animals are not accepted at the Inn.

A Madelinot atmosphere in the heart of a fishing village

At La Salicorne, as well as on the Islands, we welcome you ... and we would like for you discover our way of life. We gladly welcome you to the heart of a fishing village where the way of life is fishing and the ocean is always present. You will find out that it is not just exaggerated fishing stories!

Activities and visits at your own rhythm

In your package-stay, we offer a choice of various visits and activities to experience the Islands. At your own pace, discover the astounding maritime landscape, experience unforgettable adventures, meet the Madelinots and BEWARE... you may not want to leave!

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