La SalicorneÎles de la madeleine, Québec

Your options

No excuse! In the summer season, it is EASY to go to the Magdalen Islands. See the different options available to you:

- By plane, a fast and comfortable option. The flight package allows you to maximize your time spent on the islands.

- By boat, book your passage online or by phone at CTMA.

Need a transfer shuttle? The shuttle service is offered between the wharf at Cap-aux-Meules or the airport at Havre-aux-Maison and La Salicorne Inn. Do not forget to inform us as soon as possible of your arrival time.

Price per passage, taxes not included (GST / QST)
Adult            $30
2 - 17 y/o      $20



Cross as a pedestrian on the CTMA, you will leave as planned and save ferry fees for your vehicle.

It's simple! Leave your vehicle in the parking lot of the STRAIT GOODS restaurant in PEI Souris located accross the street of the ferry, and cross as a pedestrian on the CTMA*. Once in Cap-aux-Meules, we will pick you up for free at the port to bring you back to the Inn (return shuttle included).

*Don't forget to reserve your place on the ferry.

Want to live the Salicorne experience in the Magdalen Islands? Enjoy additional benefits with your stay to fully enjoy your vacation!
Tour des Îles: Discover why the Islands are unique during a full day of exploration with an experienced guide of the Salicorne. On the program, a discovery tour showcasing the flavors, art and local culture as well as the landscapes of the Islands.
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